Copy & content



Inspire, make the most of your visitors’ time, give them what they are looking for and make them come back for more.

KCM provides effective online copy:

  • brief & to the point
  • fun, disarming, inspiring
  • persuasive & enticing
  • well-structured & complete
  • fitting your brand values


Content strategy

Not sure how to organise the info on your website or app? Looking for structure, a solid plan and clear path in your online communication?



Organizing information can be a challenge. Are you crafting a product proposition? Or does your copy need a makeover?

In either Dutch or English, KCM provides:

  • a quick grammar check
  • implementing a new tone of voice
  • SEO proof
  • UX fitting


Workshops effective copywriting

In just a few hours you can learn how to become a copywriter yourself. Simple tips and tricks, short exercises and a couple of do’s and don’ts can kickstart your digital writing.



A literal translation is just the start. KCM helps you go beyond the correct synonyms, to express your brand and goals.

  • English (UK/US) – Dutch
  • Dutch – English (UK/US)


Verbal Identity

How do your customers want to be addressed? What does your brand sound like?

Using a specific set of rules and pointers for your website can create your unique tone of voice. Consistent use of these can greatly contribute to the perception of your brand’s strength.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Can your target audience find your website? Does your website pop up (high enough) in Google? Improve your ranking and become more visible to your potential customers.

By optimizing your website for search engines, you can get a step ahead of the competition.